Jan. 04.

All About Choya

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Choya is a semi-sweet wine made from the Japanese Ume fruit. Even though Choya is commonly called a “plum wine”, it is in fact not made from plums. What is the ume fuit, then? Ume is in the same scientific group as the plum (Rosaceae Purunus), however they have very different characteristics. The Ume fruit that is the basis of Choya contains 4-5% acidity compared to 1-2% acidity in plums. As ume fruit ripens, citric acid occupies a higher ratio than other organic acids. The fruit and skin of ume contains polyphenol and the fruit contains amino- acids.

In a world full of unique and interesting wines, Choya stands out because of the distinctive fruit within the bottle and its very approachable flavor. Serve Choya wine chilled, and you’ll find it pairs nicely with just about any cuisine. Choya Umeshu is a semi-sweet wine and offers a nice balanced acidity.

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